Why Packaging Matters – Top 5 Packaging Articles from 2017

You probably already believe that package design is important, but do you fully understand it’s power? This small but mighty discipline provides an opportunity to create meaningful differentiate, emotionally engage in a split-second, and lift your product above the competition. It represents your brand’s promise to deliver a quality experience — in fact, ⅓ of product decisions are based on packaging*.

With that in mind, you may find these articles interesting, helpful and motivating:

1. Check out this infographic put together by ThePaperWorker. It’s fun, informative and covers it all from the first impression of color and typography to how often great packaging gets remarketed by its buyers. (Okay, we cheated a little bit, the original infographic was not created in 2017.)

2. Five Things Effective Packaging Must Do. This one was put out by the good folks at SmashBrand. The premise is that packaging must, at the minimum, do these five things: grab attention, pass the five-year-old test, create iconic imagery, trigger emotions, and keep it simple.

3. Tip the scales (from Brandpackaging)

“A hefty advertising budget isn’t the key to winning the loyalty of millennials. If you’re an agile small to mid-size brand, this environment gives you a valuable opportunity to steal market share from your larger competitors.”

We would even encourage combining this with their 2016 article Nobody’s happy.

“We believe packaging is more than a container, that it is the physical manifestation of a brand promise.”

4. A short video from Marketing-Sciences on the ABCDEF of packaging.

A – Attention
B – Branding
C – Communication
D – Desire
E – Environment
F – Functionality

5. The packaging experts – “That’s why businesses are looking to market themselves with effective branding and packaging that will set them apart and improve customer engagement. But how can branding and packaging increase our trust in a product for a meaningful long-term customer gain?”… “Product packaging does need to initially engage interest as part of a cohesive branding strategy, however, it needs to clearly inform target audiences of your place in the industry and why your product is special.”

BONUS! (actually, a double bonus)The first is a 2018 Prediction. The second is a 2016 article – Don’t just package your food or beverage product, Gift wrap it 

“A package doesn’t just have to be a functional wrapping; it can be a gift wrapping. So, we ask ourselves: How can we make this package a gift for the consumer?” 



Of course, it isn’t that simple. Even if you get your package to stand out, is it resonating with the right people and conveying the right message? Addressing their fears?

In 2018 and beyond, your packaging must not only catch the eye but it must also be meaningful. It must be human, building trust that leads to loyal customers. 

It all starts with your brand. Not having a clearly defined and expressed brand means you’re lacking authenticity, consistency, and impact. Our goal in every project is to harness the power of smart, beautiful design in a way that uniquely tells your story, makes a memorable first impression, deeply resonates with your tribe, and sets you apart for years to come.

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